Throughout my adventures, I often found it difficult for
some people to join me on my adventures because their
choices for outdoor gear were too complicated,
intimidating, and overpriced. With over a decade’s
experience of designing and developing award-winning
outdoor gear, I decided to solve this problem by building
a new outdoor brand grounded in accessibility.

That is how Blue Dot Outfitters began.

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Product Reviews

I got the Jocassee kayak cooler primarily for kayak fishing. Not only have I used it for food and drink, it worked great for bait and also gear. When I’m not using it for kayaking, it has a detachable shoulder strap and it’s great for taking to the pool or for picnics. It’s now my go to cooler. It also cleverly folds flat for storage.

Troy M.

Sept. 2021

The versatility of the kayak cooler is what I absolutely love the most about this design. From being able to fully collapse the cooler for storage, to having it ready for use in seconds, to being able to attach the kayak cooler to any type of kayak seat is what really sets this amazing product apart from the rest.


Sept. 2021