Our story

What does the name “Blue Dot Outfitters” mean and where did it come from? The story below may surprise you but in some ways may be familiar. It all started when the Voyager 1 spacecraft hurtled towards the extremities of our solar system in 1990 with the mission of capturing images never before seen. When it was 3.8 billion miles away from Earth, the spacecraft turned around to take one final image before it disappeared completely from view. Only a tiny blue dot remained and our perspective of our place in the universe changed forever.

That image of the blue dot sparked the idea that gaining perspective and deepening our understanding requires exploration. Many years later, that image of the blue dot inspired me to explore the world and sharpen my perspective about my place in it through the lens of outdoor adventures. From meandering the rolling trails of the Appalachians to paddling the Mae Ping River in Thailand, experiencing the spectacle of what Earth has to offer has allowed me to be more present during my brief existence on Earth.

Throughout my adventures, I often found it difficult for some people to join me on my adventures because their choices for outdoor gear were too complicated, intimidating, and overpriced. With over a decade’s experience of designing and developing award-winning outdoor gear, I decided to solve this problem by building a new outdoor brand grounded in accessibility. That is how Blue Dot Outfitters began.

Today, Blue Dot Outfitters is a family-owned business headquartered in the outdoor haven of Greenville, SC – just a short drive away to a beautiful variety of terrain and water.


At Blue Dot Outfitters, our mission is to inspire people to gain a more cherished perspective of this blue dot we call “Earth” by outfitting them for outdoor adventures in the most accessible way possible.


Our design process is purposeful. We listen to our customers, identify problems to solve, design innovative solutions, test, redesign, and repeat until we achieve the product pillars of Blue Dot Outfitters:

- accessibility
- dependability
- beauty
- affordability